Vacuum pump for penis enlargement: instructions for use, advantages and disadvantages

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Every man thinks about penis enlargement at least once in his life, even if he is of a completely normal size. As statistics show, the size of the average penis is 14. 5 cm, which is almost 5 cm more than Asians and only 4 cm less than Africans. In our country, a size of 7. 5 cm is considered a small penis, and such are extremely rare. Therefore, we first recommend that anyone who is worried about the length of their penis relax! After all, any girl will tell you that size is far from the most important thing. ; )

Well, for those whom we failed to convince, we have prepared this material.

How can you enlarge your penis?

If you make a query "How to enlarge your penis" in Yandex, the search engine will offer you a number of different options. Let's say right away that no magic pills have a long-term effect, so don't be fooled by promising advertising!

You can enlarge your penis in the following ways (including visual enlargement methods):

  • intimate haircut;
  • weight loss;
  • augmentation surgery;
  • Kegel exercises;
  • penis attachments and erection rings;
  • penis enlargement cream;
  • Pumps and extenders.

Intimate haircut

Thick tufts of hair around the penis make it appear smaller. Try trimming or shaving your pubic hair completely and you'll find that your penis isn't as small as you previously thought.

weight loss

Against the background of a large body and a flabby stomach, even a medium-sized penis can seem small. To get rid of this depressing effect, you simply need to get rid of excess weight. And don't worry, the diet definitely won't make your penis any smaller!

Enlargement surgery

The penis can be enlarged through surgery in various ways. You can lengthen your penis with:

  • Introduction of subcutaneous implants that lengthen the penis by 3-4 cm and thus simply stretch it in length. Unfortunately (or fortunately), your penis will always be in an erect state after such surgery;
  • Removal of the ligament in the pubic bone area. Essentially, this is an operation that is not about enlarging the penis, but rather about releasing the part of the penis that is held under the pubic bone by this special ligament. The ligament is cut and about 2 more centimeters of your penis are revealed.

Another way to change the size of the penis is to thicken it. The best way to change the thickness is to give subcutaneous injections, like the ones girls use to enlarge their lips. This is a less traumatic way to actually make the penile shaft thicker and for a longer period of time. The disadvantage of such injections is that they have to be repeated about once a year.

Another method involves surgically wrapping new flaps of muscle or skin around the shaft of the penis. However, this is a very difficult procedure, especially for the patient. Once completed, you will need a long recovery period.

Kegel training

Yes, not only women but also men can train their pelvic floor muscles. Kegel training is not only an excellent prevention of prostatitis and diseases of the genitourinary system, but also a way to increase the length of the penis. Regular exercise improves blood circulation, which in turn strengthens the erection and visually enlarges the penis.

Penis attachments and cock rings

Penis attachments are special accessories that make the penis visually thicker and longer. You can even purchase attachments with different voluminous patterns: waves, nubs, ribs, etc. The relief provides your partner with additional stimulation during sex.

The attachment is placed on the erect penis immediately before sexual intercourse. The beauty of attachments is not only that they enhance your partner's sensations, but also that the attachment allows you to have sex for longer - the accessory slightly reduces the sensitivity of the penis and delays ejaculation.

Cock rings can also visually lengthen the penis. This is because the rings attached to the base of the penis slow down the outflow of blood from the erectile tissue.

Penis enlargement creams

Creams are mostly used for a short-term enlargement effect. If you want to lengthen your penis for a longer period of time, we recommend combining creams with pumps.

The principle of operation of the cream is simple: it contains substances (e. g. mint) that increase blood flow to the penis and thereby visually enlarge it. An important point: if you use the cream immediately before sex and do not wear a condom, it can get on your partner's mucous membranes and cause a burning sensation.

Penis enlargement with a pump

A vacuum pump is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to lengthen the penis by 2 or even 4 cm. However, such results can only be achieved through regular training. Every day you should use the pump for at least 15 minutes, then you will notice a real, long-lasting effect within a month.

Whether penis enlargement using a vacuum or hydro pump is really possible can be judged by the numerous user comments.

An extender is a device whose principle of operation is similar to pumps. The device is attached to the pubic bone with a silicone end at the base of the penis. A special platform with clamps holds the penis and a springy structure between the platform and the ring stretches the penile tissue. You adjust the stretching length of the device yourself so that the extender does not cause you unnecessary discomfort or pain. The disadvantage of this method is that the extender must be worn for at least 6 hours daily. Otherwise, you will not get results soon.

What types of pumps are there?

Depending on the type of effect, penis enlargement pumps are divided into two groups:

  • vacuum pumps;
  • Water pumps (hydro pumps).

A vacuum pump is a phallic, hollow bulb that fits over the penis. Pumps work due to the negative pressure created by a vacuum inside the piston. Typically, pumps are equipped with a special bladder for pumping out air.

A hydro pump requires water to operate, hence the name. Otherwise, it is the same plastic phallic bottle with a light bulb for pumping out air. The main difference between a hydraulic pump and a vacuum pump is the principle of operation, but we'll talk about that a little later.

Both bottles are very effective at penis enlargement – even doctors admit this.

Other properties

More expensive pump models are equipped with a measuring ruler along the entire piston. The ruler is very practical during training: you can immediately see how big your penis grows during the vacuum and can stop in time.

There are pumps with manual and automatic control. The manual control involves a light bulb that pumps out air or water. Automatically controlled pumps are slightly more expensive. In automatic pumps, to create a vacuum in the piston, simply press a special button. And a special pressure gauge shows the pressure level inside.

Some pumps are equipped with a special rubberized base to create closer contact between the bulb and the skin in the pubic area. The bottle seems to stick to the skin and does not allow air to penetrate.

How to use a vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps are very easy to use. Place the non-erect penis in the bottle. To prevent the vacuum inside the bottle from being destroyed, it is necessary to press the pump firmly against the pubic bone so that there are no gaps. Using a light bulb or a special button (if the pump is automatic), pump the air out of the flask. You will notice that the more vacuum there is in the bottle, the harder your penis will become.

When you have reached your maximum limit, stop pumping out air and hold this state for a minute. Then open the pump valve and let air in. Once the penis loses erection, repeat the process. Continually increase the time the penis is held in a stretched state - this will make your training more effective.

Please note: You should not feel any pain when using the pump. Pain is a sign that you have over-pumped the air out of the bulb. The initial load should not be too strong - first the member has to get used to such training.

The best vacuum pumps for men

Vacuum and hydro pumps can do a lot: they strengthen the erection before sex, lengthen the penis over a long period of time, improve blood circulation and thus increase the sensitivity during sex and the intensity of the orgasm.

The experience of many men has shown that with regular use of the pump, the first lasting results become noticeable after just a month and your penis can become 4-5 cm longer over a year - and all this without surgical intervention or harm to your health.

We have put together a small selection of the best and most popular pumps for penis enlargement especially for you.

Hydraulic pump

Plastic water pump with a rubberized base and a light bulb for pumping air. The rubberized base of the pump ensures closer contact between the bulb and the skin in the pubic area. This means the bottle is completely sealed.

This hydro pump is best suited for small penises – up to 12. 5 cm in length and up to 4 cm in diameter.

The hydraulic pump comes with a special storage case - this is very convenient for keeping the device clean and also helpful if you need to transport the hydraulic pump. In addition, the package always comes with instructions for use - read them carefully and do not violate them in any way!

To pump water out of the flask, you need to use a light bulb. The pump is attached to the pump using a flexible rubber cable. If you want to let air into the bottle, simply disconnect the cable from it and gently move the bottle away from your pubic bone.

Made from transparent plastic. There are markings on the plunger so you can track your penis enlargement during exercise.

How to use:

  • Bring the valve at the top of the piston to the closed position (to the side - the valve is open, in the middle - the valve is closed);
  • While lying in the bathtub, fill the bottle with water and place the bottom against your pubic bone, inserting your penis into the bottle.
  • Press down on the bottle so the rubber base forms an accordion. After this movement, the bottle remains attached to your body.
  • Keep squeezing - each movement creates more pressure in the penis, causing the penis to enlarge.
  • When you reach your maximum limit, stop pumping the piston and stay in this position for a few minutes.
  • To let air in, move the valve at the top of the piston to the side and carefully separate the piston head from the pubic bone.

As soon as the penis becomes soft again, repeat the process. Like the previous model, this model is also equipped with linear markings to track changes in the penis.

Vacuum pumps are a cheaper option for penis enlargement, but they do the job just as well as hydro pumps.

vacuum pump

A classic looking vacuum pump for penis enlargement. There is a special mark on the piston that allows you to track changes in penis length during exercise. To create a vacuum in the flask, you need to use a rubber bulb.

This pump is one of the simplest in terms of configuration. There are no bells and whistles, but at the same time it is in no way inferior to its competitors in terms of efficiency.

Semi-automatic vacuum pump

Semi-automatic vacuum pump. The nice thing about the pump is that you don't have to pump the air out manually - the built-in motor does it for you. Simply insert your penis into the bottle, attach the base to your pubic bone and turn the device on. The pump begins to slowly pump air out of the piston. You can adjust the speed of the pump using the "+" and "-" buttons. The pump is rechargeable - a charging cable is included with the pump.

The principle of influence and who needs it

To understand exactly how a pump enlarges a penis, you must first understand the structure of the penis itself. The penis consists of the urethra and two erectile tissues. The Corpus Cavernosum consists of many pores into which blood flows during sexual arousal. The more these pores are filled with blood, the stronger a man's erection.

Thanks to the pressure inside the piston, vacuum and water pumps gently stretch the erectile tissue and thus increase the capacity of the pores. Of course, this effect disappears over time, but with regular pumping training, sooner or later the pores will no longer return to their original size. The penis becomes longer and thicker, which is noticeable both during and without an erection.

Vacuum and water pumps not only help to enlarge the penis. Thanks to the pumps:

  • the skin of the penis improves – it becomes more elastic;
  • Regular stretching of the erectile tissue strengthens the erection.

In addition, vacuum and hydro pumps can be used immediately before sex - the current training will make your erection last longer and be stronger than usual.

Advantages and disadvantages of use

You should definitely buy a pump to:

  • solve erection problems;
  • make blood vessels more elastic;
  • improve blood flow to the penis (by the way, this is an excellent prevention of many male diseases);
  • And of course you can enlarge your penis in the short term or long term.

However, be prepared for some unpleasant consequences:

  • The effect of vacuum can change the color of the penis. In addition, some training sessions may cause the capillaries to burst, creating blood vessels and bruising under the skin (this is not dangerous and will disappear on its own over time);
  • Prolonged exercise can lead to numbness in the penis (even in the short term).

As you can see, it is enough not to make excessive efforts during training in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Otherwise, vacuum and hydro pumps are an excellent training tool for men that will be useful for every man.


The use of the pump is not recommended for people who:

  • suffers from diseases of the urinary system;
  • has problems with the kidneys or liver;
  • prone to thrombosis and other vascular diseases;
  • has diseases of the foreskin.

In general, vacuum and water pumps are an excellent tool for not only enlarging the penis, but also keeping it in a healthy condition. Each pump is equipped with detailed instructions, which we categorically do not recommend breaking - because if something happens, your favorite body part will suffer!

Finally, I would like to remind you that for women it is not the size of the penis that is so important, but how skillfully a man handles it. So train your skills first and only then think about the sizes!